Bella's offers all the aeration systems you need for the health and maintenance of large ponds and lakes. The sophisticated suite of products includes air compressors, diffusers and accessories optimized for every size and depth body of water. We took our time to develop the best system on the market today - efficient and economical, engineered for excellence!

  • Air diffusers that are economical to ship, easy to deploy and maintain and more efficient at cirulation and gas diffusion
  • Robust Compressors that are reliable, rebuildable and economical to run and service
  • Long lasting Direct Burial and Weighted Tubing that simplifies installation
  • Treatments that solve most every pond and lake problem
  • Fully equipped Cabinets that protect and soundproof equipment securely
  • Complete Systems with every component needed for your project available for your convenience



Without Aeration

Signs of Imbalance

  • Algae, opaque green water or excessive growth of string or blanket weed
  • An excess of submerged vegetation and rampant marginal aquatic plant growth
  • Foul odors, of the water or of the sediments at the bottom
  • Dead fish, especially after a storm or a change to cooler weather
  • Small, few or no live fish at all

Causes of Imbalance

  • Excessive nutrients in the water and the sediment
  • Insufficient total dissolves oxygen levels
  • Stratification and thermoclines that cut off surface oxygen


With Aeration 

Benefits of Aeration

  • Aeration creates bubbles that increase the surface area of air in contact with the water
  • Millions of bubbles moving upwards pull huge volumes of water up from the bottom
  • Oxygen-poor water rushes upwards, eliminating thermal layers, shedding toxic gases and picking up oxygen 
  • Oxygen-rich water circulates down to the bottom, promoting the growth of bacteria that digest organic sludge and eliminate excessive nutrients