About Us

My name is Erick Santana, also known as the Pond Pirate. For the last 12 years, I have designed, built, and engineered every one of our ponds. With a college background in graphic design, my ponds aim to have a design that serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Every component of our ponds— from the waterfall to the plumbing schematics—is meticulously thought out to achieive the most efficeint flow of water, saving energy and preserving the natural balance of the the aquatic life within it. Our aquatic systems are complex and it has taken me many years to learn the very subtle and delicate art of aquaculture— something which I learn more of everyday with every pond!
 I love what I do, truly. I love working with my customers to make their vision a reality. The satisfaction on a customer’s face when they see the final product is worth every drop of sweat and challenge I overcome. Pond building is high art to me and something I take very seriously, which is why I hire people who share the same passion. I created Bella's Pond Store with the same principles and passion. I want to give my customers amazing quality at affordable prices and deliver top notch customer service to all. I love what I do so much that i want to share it with those who are thinking of building their own pond and those that have alike. I encourage you to feel free to reach out and ask me anything you might want to know about ponds and the aquaculture and I will gladly love to help all that I can. Thank you for taking the time to visit my store and on behalf of my staff and myself, we want to welcome you to Bella's Pond Store!