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Thrive Koi Nutritionfish foods by Anjon Manufacturing are scientifically formulated diets designed to provide your Koi and pond fish with the nutrients they need for health, longevity and resistance to disease. Choose from our selection of nutritious color enhancing, growth or seasonl Koi and pond fish foods to keep your pond friends healthy and happy.


  • Includes wheat and vitamin E for maximum growth
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • 40% protein inclusion
  • Low levels of phosphorus


Feed 1-3 times daily. Feed only what fish will consume in 3-5 minutes 
Note: For optimal fish health and growth rates, gradually make any changes in their diet over a two week period to allow fish metabolism and digestive system a chance to adjust. Use a low temperature rated food when water temperatures are 60 degrees fahrenheit or lower. Stop feeding fish when water temperatures drop below 50 degress fahrenheit.